Sad Tweets is a Website To Filter Your Twitter Channel Search Engine Strategies, Social Media Engagement, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategies

Sad Tweets is a Website To Filter Your Twitter Channel

Whatever you will be, you presumably do not expect much footing on a normal tweet. Post a decent picture of your most recent endeavor at making a definitive burger, for example and two re-tweets and three top choices is sufficient to get you as the weekend progressed.

However, what about those times when you really chip away at a tweet and time it simply right, just for it to be disregarded totally by the world? When you make a muffle that you’re confident, given a bit or luckiness will be sent worldwide, producing 100 re-tweets each time you click to refresh, just for you to look as three individuals silently un follow you?

Well, now there is a site to assist you remember those forlorn minutes! Enter your twitter handle and password into Sad Tweets which has the slogan “Run across the saddest, most friendless/lonely tweets you ever tweeted” to take a nostalgic walk around the grave of your extreme twitter fizzles. Everyone using Twitter knows that not every tweet resulted as attractive or convincing.

Sometimes you posted tweet that is entertaining or beguiling or shocking and it gets many favorites and re-tweets and approvals from your list of devotees or followers. But sometimes your tweet is met by quiet, or aloofness, or the relentless walk of those armies of supporters pressing the unfollow catch.

Sad tweets is a website that filters through your Twitter channel and after that reveals to you, one by one, all the tweets that no one most loved or re-tweeted, one tweet at once. The tweets zoom to you gradually, inevitable in their deplorability, one after an alternate, endlessly. Get ready to shake your head at your rehashed Twitter annihilations and miracle where you went thus, so not right.

Anyone can try this website but unfortunately, you can just check your own Twitter feed’s saddest tweets. However, it is expecting that in future you will be able to see other’s saddest tweets as well so that you can mock them as well to fell slightly better.

Sad Tweets is a Website To Filter Your Twitter Channel
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