iPod nano Review Reviews

iPod nano Review

iPod nano Review

If you think Apple is getting a bit unsurprising with its yearly gadget invigorates, you most likely have not been diagramming the advancement of its iPod nano. While most items in the Apple line get an overhaul at regular intervals or thereabouts, few have encountered the sort of yearly reevaluation of the nano. It’s an uncommon illustration of the organization radically reconsidering an item with such consistency or of basically not so much comprehending what to make of it.

Contingent upon how you take a gander at it, this new seventh-era iPod nano is either the most recent, most ideal configuration of the long-running arrangement, or its Apple’s most recent guess out of nowhere. Indeed the skeptics will need to concur this is a really decent shot, more slender than any other time and pressing more usefulness than in the past – including Bluetooth 4.0. It beyond any doubt doesn’t make quite a bit of a wristwatch, however is the most recent tiniest iPod worth the $149 cost of admission to its 16GB limit? Carry on reading to figure out.


  • Incredibly little and light
  • Aluminum case feels robust, sturdy
  • 16:9 showcase and feature playback
  • Integrated Nike+ usefulness


  • No cam
  • Very expensive


It’s a little easily overlooked detail, this new nano. No, it isn’t the littlest as far as volume that honorific dwells with the firmly square sixth era, which measured 37.5 x 41 x 8.8mm. This new, clipless model is far more slender, only 5.4mm, but on the other hand its taller (76.5mm) and a bit more extensive (39.6mm), making a gadget that is general marginally bigger. Be that as it may, that is similar to stating Gerard Butler is a marginally hunkier dude than Hugh Jackman. Both buddies are pretty hunky.

“This new nano is legitimately modest. Its weight, 31 grams, is less than half that of the new iPod touch and about the same as 10 sticks of Juicy Fruit”.

Undoubtedly, this new nano is legitimately little. Its weight, 31 grams, is short of what a large portion of that of the new ipod touch and about the same as 10 sticks of Juicy Fruit. It weighs short of what the batteries in numerous current cell phones – those that still have removable batteries, in any case. Placed it in your pocket, even the small fifth pocket that Steve Jobs broadly pulled the first nano from in 2006, and you completely won’t have the capacity to define its there.

The purpose behind this change in measurements is the move far from the square, 240 x 240 determinations LCD found in the last-gen nano. That is supplanted by a 2.5-inch, 16:9 angle proportion, multi-touch LCD that times in at 240 x 432. It’s really a slight venture down regarding pixel thickness, however the additional space is more than worth the trouble, as now this can make for an acceptable feature player. After all other options have been exhausted.

Still, actually overlooking its size, this board won’t astonish you like the one on the new iPod touch does. It’s brilliant and clear and sensibly attractive, yet review edges are not this present thing’s specialty. Tilt the screen descending and the difference rapidly plunges, and the shade equalization seems really debilitated when looking ahead from whatever other direction.


Clients of the past gen iPod nano will feel comfortable here, generally. Not a terrible parcel has changed in the interface or usefulness; however things are some more streamlined than in the recent past. It’s still the same fundamental iOS like UI, however again we’re not talking real iOS. There are nine symbols this time, spread over two pages – with only three symbols taking up the second. Thankfully you can re-mastermind them and consign your minimum utilized capacities to the profundities of the second page.

Music and playlist controls are all contained underneath the single Music symbol now, which raises the commonplace iPod interface for searching tracks by craftsman, collection or playlist. There are the same circle and mix playback choices as in the recent past. Making a triumphant return after a couple of years off is the feature player, which makes the best utilization of the constrained screen land to play back footage in 16:9 Tinyvision.

Sound Quality

We stacked the new nano up against the new iPod touch to check whether you’re surrendering anything in the sound quality domain as contrasted with something greater – well, somewhat greater, in any case. We tried with Apple’s Earpods, Klipsch S4i buds and Sennheiser Hd555 jars and could discover no perceivable distinction between the players when listening to the same tracks. Along these lines, while we wouldn’t prescribe fueling anything with excessively high impedance, the new nano is more than fit for driving your normal ‘buds.

iPod nano Review
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