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In near past before the arrival of internet and social media tools the most re known way to know people and to increase personal social networks were get together, pubs, discos, parties, exhibitions and social group works for communities. Which in my opinion still not faded away in regards of business communities, but a very strong medium of recent era (social media networks) is taking a winnable lead over other conventional ways of social networking. With the help of social media networks people are socializing with each other before having any physical meetings. Days by day millions of user traffic moving towards these social media network sites to get socialize. This incremental shift of users has created a tussle among social media network sites to measure, engage and maintain the population of these users. As it is seen that users adopt and switch from one network to another in search of better outcomes. In these scenarios social networks are evaluating their traffic and flow of users by their activity frames e.g. a month wise activity of a specific user or a week’s usage and how much time he or she has spent on their site. These flows show how engaged users are to the content of each social network and this is one of the important way to evaluate the ranking of these social media sites.

However for common users it is becoming very easy to sign up to a newer network these days which provides an initial boost to the particular social site. But new users signing up does not mean that they will be kept engaged by the available content of this site. To do so social site really need to offer something which is unique and refreshing to the users.

Let’s take a discussion towards social media network business accounts and how people manage these accounts to engage traffic. In general we all use to praise and share on our social network walls is eye catching posts, funny comments, inspiring visual moments, video lectures, marketing offers etc. But thing is that aren’t these sharing’s too common and everyone is practicing the same? Because this may get you an audience for a while but to sell them your offering with a perspective you need to be talking about them and their needs. Too often it is seen that many business sites post about their own achievements and goals on their walls which is not helping in engaging the audience for a long time. Social media networks are open and social unless everyone is involved in discussion fair trade is not possible. These seven winnable tips one must adopt in 2014 to perform better in social media marathon.

1) Talk about problems and solutions

Users are not looking to buy through your sites. They are looking for solutions to their problems. By discussing their common issues on social walls and providing them with a solution they would like to be engaged to your site.

2) Visual Info and Picture message

Visual information and messages through picture are more attracted and eye catching now a days if you manage to maintain that you will probably hold your site traffic engaged.

3) Keep the audience involved

To keep the audience involved and engaged ask for their opinions and seek feedback from them. e.g. “Apple or Samsung?’’ or “McDonalds or Max?” etc.

4) Be approachable

Be approachable if you really want to engage your users and solve their issues e.g. if a user post on your wall to get help about a certain issue of your product or service and unable to get any response you surely directly or indirectly are involved in ignoring his need. Remember people don’t like to be ignored it hurts them and they surely switch to other offers.
5) Approach others

Don’t forget to approach others participating in the environment. Because others are also posting compelling and interesting stuff and would like to be appreciated on their efforts. It is a good ways to get involve in what others are doing on social sites. It is always give and take e.g. warrior forum and JV zoo activities are great example. It is the truth of social networking if you want people to engage with you, you need to give them something of value.

6) Cherish moments with audience:

It is always good to cherish your achieved milestones on social network time to time with your audience. By doing so you are actually sharing the success probability of your ambitious ideas and it will help you in keeping the audience engaged.

7) Be versatile

It is very important for you to understand and differentiate the behavior of users around different social networks. Suppose you are dealing with more than one account on different social media tools then you have to be versatile in choosing contents and posts to engage audience e.g. users on LinkedIn seek and like different sort of content in comparison to Facebook users. So it is good to use different ways to engage them.

7 Winnable Tips for Social Media Marathon 2014
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